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Jordan Pyle

Brokerage Firm:

Keller Williams Chicago Lincoln Park

Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony


Jordan Pyle

the interview

First memory of Chicago?

My uncles wedding and reception on the Anita Dee which I served as the ringbearer in when I was 6


How long have you been in Real Estate?

2018 is my 5th year in real estate...seems like a lifetime


What's your favorite part about what you do?

The people..every day I meet new people and I take great pride in being a resource for all of the people and loved ones in my life.  I also love the creativity and entrepreneurial aspects that real estate allows me to have in building a big business in order to have a massive impact.  I am the only one stopping myself from achieving everything I ever want or dream about.  I like that control.  Okay, so that was 3 reasons but that sums it up...

What do you love most about Chicago?

That's easy, Chicago summers and rooftop nights.  

What are your interests outside of work?

My true passions outside of real estate are health and fitness, personal development & traveling.   I always like to have many business goals, but it's equally important for me to have health and spiritual goals as well as bucket list items to work towards, such as traveling.   I also believe fully in giving back in as many ways possible.  Whether that is community related or through mentorship of agents new to the industry.  Outside of that, a recent addition of my very first niece has me working to be the world's best uncle!! 


Favorite exercise to get beach body ready?

Full body circuits with very little rest between sets mixed in with running. Always good to vary it up frequently.  I'll switch between 5 day body split workouts, to upper/lower days, to circuits, etc..


Favorite Chicago pizza place?

I feel like I should say Lou Malnati's or Geno's East but I'm a big Happy Camper fan.  Both the pizza and the setting and vibe of the restaurant! 


Favorite first date spot?

Bassment has good live music and a great vibe for drinks... Geja's Cafe is also a solid spot but that's a bit more romantic than fun.


First thing you would buy if you won the lottery (I'm talking Mega Millions here)

After all my family and friends are taken care of financially, and I devise a strategy to achieve and maintain generational wealth.....I would buy a yacht and travel the world with my family and friends.


The bar is closing, where are you going for late night food?

Pizza all day.  Does't matter from where at that long as there's ranch!



Favorite building?

2550 N Lakeview 


Celebrity crush?

Too many to pick one!! 


Righty or lefty?



Yanny or Laurel?

Still don't even know what this means...and I'm not looking it up lol


Salty or sweet?

Sweet for sure.


Zoo Lights or Christkindlmarket?

Zoo Lights...I live across the street ha

Cubs or Sox?



Favorite neighborhood?

Lincoln Park -- West Loop is taking a close second though

Ketchup on a hotdog - yes or no?



Alma mater:

Indiana University Bloomington


Favorite sport to play?

Golf now .. played baseball growing up


A funny or embarrassing story: 

This one time on Spring Break in Mexico..... yaa..let's just leave it at that ..


Boxers or briefs?

Boxer Briefs

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