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Charlie Wood

Brokerage Firm:


Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony


Charlie Wood

the interview

First memory of Chicago?


I remember a nasty snowstorm shortly after I moved here in 1994. Isn't that what everyone remembers?! I lived in Chicago previously but was too young for any memory of it


How long have you been in Real Estate?


I'm in my 6th year


What's your favorite part about what you do?


I love earning peoples trust and receiving sincere thanks for my hard work


What do you love most about Chicago?


I just feel Chicago is in perfect balance. Although it is far from perfect overall, it is fun, diverse, full of culture, the right size, and full of good people.


What are your interests outside of work?


Exercise like rock climbing and yoga, live music, and eating Chicago's amazing variety of restaurants



Favorite exercise to get beach body ready?


I've been recently swimming and doing some pilates which really gets the toning that my other exercises lacked


Favorite Chicago pizza place? Lou's!


Favorite first date spot?




Worst date story: 


I've never had a bad first date! Ha!


First thing you would buy if you won the lottery (I'm talking Mega Millions here):


Buy my family a lake house we could all go to


The bar is closing, where are you going for late night food? Oh dear, what type of booze are we talking? 


Real estate horror story?


This year had a condo under contract 3 or 4 times and each one fell apart for different reasons. We finally got it done to everyone's relief


Righty or lefty?




Salty or sweet?




Zoo Lights or Cristkindlemarket?




Cubs or Sox?




Favorite neighborhood?


I live in bucktown and love it


Ketchup on a hotdog - yes or no?


Is it sacrilegious to say sometimes?


Alma mater:


Carleton College


Favorite sport to play?




Boxers or briefs?


Briefs all the way 

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