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Zach Koran

Brokerage Firm:


Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony


Zach Koran

the interview

First memory of Chicago?


Soooo I am not from here but I have been here for 20 plus years. I am from Kansas City originally - I came to Chicago for the first time with my little league baseball team when I was 14 years old.  We went to a White Sox game, Cubs game, Museum of Science and Industry, and swam in Lake Michigan. SO FUN!!!! 



Real Estate Experience


4 years - 2 years part time and 2 years full time. 



What do you love about Real Estate?


I love the chance to be of service to my clients and help them with the biggest purchase of their lives. I love connecting with new people and finding ways to help guide them through a tough process. 



What do you love about Chicago?

I love the fact that it's such a melting pot and extremely diverse. I also love the fact that we are a huge city with good values - I think the Midwest gives it that.

Interests outside of Real Estate?

I love to workout, Yoga, traveling, spending time with my 9 year old son Myles, walking my French Bulldog Frankie, spending time with my family who lives in both Chicago and Michigan, giving back in any way I can - I am also part of Chicago Leadership Alliance ( 

Favorite exercise to get beach body ready?


Sprints!!!!! Interval training, core and hot yoga gets me lean!! 

Favorite Chicago pizza place?


Fox's on the South Side



Favorite date spot?


Bavettes, or any roof deck during the summer


Worst date?


I went on a date with someone who was a lot younger than LOL and we were just not connecting ( 16 years difference) and she turns to me half way through the date and says " You're really not into this are you?" and I was like I"m sorry I'm not. It was funny because we both back patted and we were on our way. 


First thing you would buy if won the mega millions?


THIS IS TOUGH - I'd give a ton of it away to charity and to my family and friends. Honestly I would probably buy a mansion on an exotic beach and give all my friends / family to keys to vacation any time they wanted. 


Favorite late night food?


Shhhhhh Fatso's last stand in Ukranian Village or Taqueria Moran in Logan Square. 



Real estate horror story?


I sold 640 W Fullerton back in Dec of 2015. We were almost to the end of the deal and I get a phone that the all of the balconies had fallen off the front of the building (NO LIE) nobody was hurt thank GOD but they buyers still wanted and stayed in the deal. Common insurance covered it BUT I was freaking out. To this day every person / agent has never heard of this happening. Crazy!!!


Celebrity crush?


Margo Robbie / Morena Baccarat 


Righty or lefty?




Salty or sweet?




Favorite neighborhood?


Where I live Ukranian Village although I love Wicker too  


Ketchup on a hotdog?


NEVER!!! This is Chicago - mustard 


Fun fact?


I was in the United States Air Force for 6 years 


Favorite sports?


I love basketball, soccer, golf 


Boxers or briefs?


Boxer briefs!! LOL 


Anything else? I am a Dad to my 9 year old son Myles and absolutely love our time together - he's my pride and joy and the best thing that ever happened to me. 

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