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Tony Giamberduca

Brokerage Firm:


Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony


Tony Giamberduca

the interview

How long have you been in Real Estate?


I have been in the business for 15 years now started in the lending side of it. 



What do you love about Real Estate?

Favorite part of my job would be convincing a client to step out of their shell and take on a property that needs work. Always the best making a place your own and taking the dated to the upgraded!



What do you love about Chicago?


Favorite part of living in Chicago is being close to family!



What do you love to do outside of your job?

Favorite interests would be something creative...painting, building something etc


Favorite exercise to get beach body ready?


Getting beach body ready I  typically run along the lake. 



Favorite Chicago pizza place?


Favorite pizza...I know little caesars is my fav but since it's not local to Chicago I'll go with Lou Malnati's 



Favorite date spot?


Favorite date spot hmmmm Summer House because I love their food and healthy options along with the summer vibe. 



First thing you would buy if won the mega millions?


First thing I'd buy with lotto winnings wouldn't be selfish items for me but gifts for others like education for the underprivileged 



Favorite late night food?


My fav late night spot after a bar is Allende in Lincoln Park. It's been my go to for so many years. I'm a taco guy!

Favorite Building?


My fav building is the hancock. I  think many don't realize the views that come with this building being along the lake. Makes you feel like you're on a tropical vacation looking down at that blue lake. 



Righty or lefty?





Salty or sweet?

Sweet...I hate salt. 



Favorite late night food?


Favorite neighborhood is so hard because there are so many but if I'm to pick one it would be Old town. 



Ketchup on a hotdog?

Ketchup, mustard, and a pickle are a must if I'm eating a hotdog.


Favorite sports?

Beach ball is def my fav sport. Love getting on the beach and enjoying the sun running around in the sand. 

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