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Ray Melencio

Brokerage Firm:

Keller Williams Chicago Lincoln Park

Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony
Flowers on a balcony


Ray Melencio

the interview

First memory of Chicago? 


I moved to Chicago without ever having visited, no job, and 1 friend in the city.  So the night I arrived my friend picked up from the airport and drove me around for a quick tour of my new home.   Sounds corny but I remember being in awe of the architecture, giant skyscrapers, and the views along the river.  


How long have you been in Real Estate? 


I'm a brand new agent going on 3 months!


What's your favorite part about what you do?  


In my short time in real estate, I've been very fortunate to help a few clients/friends find a new home and it is extremely gratifying.  It's a very important decision and time in someones life when deciding where to live and to be part of that experience is something that I genuinely enjoy.  


What do you love most about Chicago?  


My professional background for the last 10+ years has been managing and working in restaurants so discovering and trying new restaurants has always been a passion of mine and we have an amazing restaurant/bar industry in Chicago!  


What are your interests outside of work?  


In addition to checking out new bars and restaurants I try to stay active everyday.  In the past few years I caught the golf "bug" and am always looking to play whenever my schedule allows.  I also have a Vespa that I love riding around and tinkering with.  


Favorite exercise to get beach body ready?  


I consider myself a lifetime athlete so whenever I can play a sport to get my workout in are always my favorites days.  I play tennis a couple days a week, pick up basketball, and still play in football and softball rec leagues.  


Favorite Chicago pizza place?


Chicago Style Pizza, Pequods.  Pizza in general, Piece. 


Favorite first date spot? 


Haven't been on a first date in a while, but if I had to make a recommendation I would say Maple & Ash!


Worst date story:


The time she didn't show up. 


First thing you would buy if you won the lottery (I'm talking Mega Millions here) 


I would open a restaurant/bar.  It's been my dream for quite sometime now. 


The bar is closing, where are you going for late night food? 


Lazo's tacos and ordering a carnitas burrito. 


Real estate horror story? 


As a new agent I haven't had a real horror story but I couldn't get the Sentrilock to work on my FIRST EVER viewing.


Favorite building? 


CAA guest lobby is what my dream house would look like. 


Celebrity crush? 


Kelly Kapowski, always and forever. 


Righty or lefty? 




Salty or sweet? 




Zoo Lights or Christkindlmarket? 


Actually never been to either but probably Chriskindlmarket if I had to chose. 


Cubs or Sox? 


San Francisco Giants 


Favorite neighborhood? 


I love em all but find myself in Logan Square the most.


Ketchup on a hotdog - yes or no? 




- Alma mater:




Favorite sport to play? 




A funny or embarrassing story:


My voice once cracked when I was giving a very serious speech which then made me lose track of what I was saying and I started stuttering. Not the best way to introduce a former President of the United States.


Boxers or briefs?  


Boxer Briefs 

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